Welcome to my Morning Ritual Mastery Review. For the last six months and counting, I am under the influence of the knowledge I have got from Morning Ritual Mastery, Stefan James, and the team at Project Life Mastery.

First of all, I have to be honest and say that my mornings were disgusting before I have joined this program.

I never had a healthy morning routine.

As a matter of fact, I never had a routine in the morning at all.

That is why this program was perfect for me.

My habit was to wake up at the last sound of the alarm clock totally empty-headed.

I would quickly do my bathroom routine (turns out that I had a healthy morning routine 🙂 ), get dressed, leave the house, and off I went to my job riding the bus or a tram every single morning.

Physically I was awake.

However, my mind was not awake until I get to my job and start my work.

By the way, I was a waiter in bars, restaurants, and hotels for eight years.

My Experience

(That is me without my beard which I couldn’t grow because of my job 🙂 )

This kind of situation took a lot of mental power from me.

Sometime I would work for weeks straight, no days off!

You can imagine how it felt to wake up each morning when you know that you are not free to live your life the way you want it.

Now, some time ago, I have decided to shake things a little bit, to make a few earthquakes, and take control over my head!

The Morning Ritual Mastery training course came to me in a perfect moment.

I was just about to start this website when I have bumped into this course.

You see, I was gaining the control, but I couldn’t get the firm grip over my thinking in the morning.

During the seven days spent in listening what this guy was talking, my mind was flashing many exciting ideas that I couldn’t wait to get started with my own ritual.

As I haven’t had any ritual, I was open for all suggestion from Stefan.

However, I understand that many of you guys already have some kind of normal morning ritual and you shouldn’t be changing as much as I was.

This program is ultimately perfect for everyone, even the people who have powerful morning rituals can learn a thing or two from Stefan.

Anyway, after seven days of education, I have continued to mold and shape my morning routine.

If you ever join this program, understand that it takes some time to figure out what things feel right for you and what not.

We are all a bit different from each other.

I have gone through the process by writing down each evening a slightly different morning routine.

Then I would wake up the next day and test it.

If after a few mornings I have felt that something is bothering me, instead of empowering, I would exclude that part for the next day.

After some two months spent in experimenting, I have got my perfect morning routine.

In a few short lines, I start my morning with:

  • Making my bed
  • Washing in the bathroom (I have kept my cornerstone habit 🙂 )
  • Eating a healthy breakfast (usually eggs, cheese, tomato, peppers, multigrain bread, and a cup of green tea)
  • Praying (I believe in a higher power which flows through us, so I make sure I mold that energy every morning)
  • Stretching and working out (I have picked up a few moves from yoga, and I do pushups, squats, and back exercise)
  • Reading (I like to read. I take a book in my hands each morning and read a couple of pages just to kick start my brain)
  • Work

Now I am ready to work through my day feeling relaxed, energetic, and well directed.

When I compare how I was spending my time in the morning for years and years, and how I spend it after joining Morning Ritual Mastery, the results speak for themselves.

My website and my face are enough evidence of the job well done by Project Life Mastery Team!

I want to welcome you as well to become a morning ritual master!


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Ivan Brozincevic






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